Alouette – The False Princess

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Alouette was once a brutish reptillian creature named ‘Alousaur’. He was intent on kidnapping a princess and imprisoning her in his castle, as he was envious of her beauty.

Alousaur soon discovered that the stunning ‘good-looks’ of this sovereign lady were not natural. They were the mystical result of wearing an enchanted crown.

The covetous beast donned the ensorcelled crown and transformed into an exotic beauty. She self proclaimed herself as the princess; ‘Alouette’. No hero can resist her newfound allure…

Alouette – Specifications:

  • Intermediate Dildo
  • 5.5 Inches Insertable Length (7 Inches Total Height)
  • 1.5 Inch Uniform Diameter Girth (5 Inch Circumference)
  • Unique Base Design, Ribbed Shaft and a Beastly Tip
  • Molded from a 3D Printed Original
  • 100% Platinum Cure Body Safe Silicone


7.62cm x 5.72cm x 17.78cm


Don’t see a colour variation that you like? Contact Us to make a request for a new colour!

Additional information

Weight 0.277 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 5.72 × 17.78 cm

Deep Black, Angelic White, Passion Red, Goblin Green, Seaside Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Candy Floss, Wolf Grey, Demon Red, Orc Green, Swimsuit Blue, Flaming Orange, Night Elf, Ivory, Fair, Tan, Chocolate, Ebony, Peachy, Metal Silver, Metal Gold, Metal Bronze, Obsidian, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Aqua, Firefly Orange, Moonkiss, Creme, Topaz, Courtesan Pink, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Purple, Custom


Soft, Medium, Firm

1 review for Alouette – The False Princess

  1. Tenshi (verified owner)

    I bought Alouette back in late 2018 but only got around to review the toy now, a shame really because she’s a lot of fun. The curve combined with the overall horse-like texture of the dildo is very stimulating, the texture can get really intense when going slowly and her size makes her a perfect fit.

    Overall the Toy is perfect for me, the quality of the silicone feels great to the touch, with medium firmness the toy is soft but not squishy so it keeps its shape during penetration. The color is beautiful too, I got it in Night Pumpkin which is a combination of my favorite colors, purple and orange.

    Now I’m only waiting for Kink Forge to offer even bigger Alouettes (or maybe a new unique Dildo ^w^) but until then I got my Tai and Alouette to keep me company.

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