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Size Chart and Newly Forged Toys!

Toy Size Chart - Kink Forge

This has been an incredible launch week for Kink Forge, with so many supportive fans already to which we are very thankful 🙂

We’ve also updated the product pages with more pictures of color variations for each toy, so feel free to check them out!

Also a reminder that you can see all of these pictures and latest news on our official discord.



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Kink Forge has Officially Launched!

Promotional Banner - Kink Forge

You are welcome to browse our webstore, where you will find 3 quality products available for purchase!

We are still working out the ‘kinks’ with sales and shipping, so please be understanding as we get to grips with fulfilling new orders.

Consider joining our Discord Server to directly interact with us, receive support or provide feedback.

It would also be invaluable if you could tell any like-minded people about Kink Forge!