About us


Kinkforge is a small indie sex toy maker, established out of a love of all things kinky, and a desire for new and interesting toys, or simply improvement on existing designs – be it a ball gag that chafes or dildos that just can’t hit the right spot.

We  create high quality sex toys out of the finest quality raw materials, and aim to push the boundaries of design and performance.

Based in Scotland, UK, and discretely shipping worldwide. 

All products are discretely shipped in a plain brown box. If it’s an international order then the customs form will state “novelty toy” for the description on the corner of the box – I believe this to be more ambiguous than the typical “silicone sculpture” and allows you to potentially pass off an object you already own as being what arrived, to anyone who may  🙂

However, we are virgins to the adult industry and our growth and development depends on our clients and the kinky community. We hope to have open communication with our community and are always looking to hear your opinions and and thoughts.

Artists and Special Mentions

Toxxy –  Our resident art slave, and lover of all things slime.

Why we chose platinum-cure silicone

All of our toys are hand made out of platinum-cure silicone, and all pigments and other colourants are FDA approved or otherwise cosmetic grade/body safe.

  • Non-porous  – Does not harbour bacteria like cheaper porous rubbers etc if cleaned correctly.
  • Easy to clean – Soap it, boil it, or even stick it in the dishwasher. Cleaning silicone is simple, quick, and easy!
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Platinum cure is the highest grade silicone available, and generally used for medical grade applications.
  • Our casting process uses no toxic or carcinogenic release agents etc resulting in the final toy having no risk of leaching toxins like many cheap toys may.
  • Silicone is resistant to heat and cold, with our standard silicone rated for highs up to 250°C. On top of this it has a great tensile strength and is not likely to degrade from normal use.

While we plan to create our own write up for toy care, please ensure that until then you search for how to appropriately care for and use silicone toys. If well looked after they can last for a very long time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback, issues, or requests.

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